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Thank you for your interest in our interactive German language sessions! Please fill out this registration form in order to take part in one (or several) of the sessions.

Please note that the prerequisites to participate are German language skills on at least a B1 level, as well as the possibility to participate via the internet with video and audio.

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June 17, 5:00pm (CEST) | "Kulturreise nach Berlin"  
July 1, 9:00am (CEST) | "Vernetzte Kunst - Berliner Künstler gestern und heute"  
July 22, 5:00pm (CEST) | "Erderwärmung & die Folgen - Finde die richtigen Worte in der Klimadebatte"  
August 5, 9:00am (CEST) | "Lingua tertii imperii: Die Sprache der Verführung"  
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